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Upgrade Ram on iMac or Run Optimizer?

I’m not getting anything for mentioning these programs. Your experience may vary with them.

Last week I ordered some Additional Ram for our iMac 8 Gigs.  I run Lion in 64 bit mode because that gives me nearly an extra gig of ram (the full 4 gigs) to use.

The Windows PC first;
Now on the PC before I re-installed windows as 64 bit I had tried for weeks to avoid it.  I downloaded Advanced System Optimizer, I bought it, ran it a few times. It did help somewhat with making it “feel” faster.  I even downloaded on the PC Cache Man XP, and other utilities.  Cache man I uninstalled.

ASO Advanced System Optimizer for Windows -> yes it does help windows Performance feel faster.  The largest speed increase came from using Ready Boost on a USB 8 Gig stick!   This speed increase is noticeable in how Windows Redraws its desktop icons when something changes on the system.  The USB Cache made this nearly instantaneous!

So ASO is a Yes! Though only marginal upgrades to the feel of speed. Some had to do with installed services, I think the rest for Windows 7 had to do with running 32 bit mode and being cramped into 3.12 GB of ram out of 4! The re-install to Windows 7 64Bit made a huge difference! Of course everyone experiences this, it feels faster at first, and then over time it seems to bog down.

I have obtained an un-installer for windows, which should help with removing software that bogs down the system coming up in the next 3 months. We shall see! I plan a memory upgrade there too!

Back to the iMac;
On the iMac (its a 2 year old model) I obtained “Mac Keeper” last week. I decided to purchase it because the iMac became dismally slow this year with a recent upgrade to Lion, running Skype, Xcode, Firefox, Thunderbird, and tons of other apps that are memory hungry at the same time, I noticed lots of slow down.

“Mac Keeper” helped with some of it, un-installs of unused software helped with getting rid of the rest.  The iMac felt better daily. Still running Skype and Xcode together its slow.

With a 8 GB ram upgrade just 56$ including shipping, and its Kingston Ram! Wow!  Good timing.

That’s now installed.  The good news is it added with the 4 Gigs, because there are 4 memory slots, I just slide these in, and it all is working together so far (I come from a generation of “DON’T MIX RAM” including across brands etc.).

What remains to be seen is how well it performs here on out.

Mac Keeper = Yes worth it, for those who cannot afford the ram, or don’t have the system to support it!

(ASO) Advanced System Optimizer for Windows = Yes, helps clean up old software that doesn’t need to be on the system, helps unbog the system in services if they are running for no reason.

Ram Upgrade = Definitely YES if you can do it, you should!  Don’t overestimate that just Adding Ram will make a system faster, sometimes you have to clean up, and sometimes only a re-install will do it!  And finally, sometimes its bloat ware! Things get bigger with time, Look at Windows XP.  10 Years adds a LOT of size to the OS.

The big guns;  Also nothing beats going in with a fine tooth comb and removing things that are unneeded yourself.  A self optimization is sometimes necessary, not everyone is capable of this, and if you don’t KNOW what your DOING! DON’T DO IT!  Self optimizations like removing unnecessary programs with their un-installer or a good un-installer program may be in order.  I used Mac Keeper and ASO due to time constraints between projects, and really these companies make it their Duty to ensure a system is stable after optimization. Don’t underestimate the geeks hard at work for you with these programs!  They’ve tested out the best options for stability and ensured a working order machine after the fact!

Windows Common Tools -> Disk cleanup -> yup use it!  Check Disk is also important.  SFC /scannow is too!

Mac -> Disk Check and backup (Time machine).  its a unix os, so don’t forget run levels, services, and things of those nature at the command line.

CloneZilla -> honorable mention!

Keeping an Eye on things;
I have mixed RAM on the iMac, but each bank has its own Matched RAM, so long as only bank switching occurs and the memory controller can deal with it, everything will work fine! NO issues. If I have issues look forward to another post about this in another week. No post = no problems!

Ram type = DDR3-1066.  Originally installed = 4 Gigs DDR3-1066 in slots 1/2,  Added 8 Gigs DDR4-1066 in slots3/4

- eSpecialized


Got Surge Protector? UPS?

You thought your street power, and the plug in the wall was safe for your computer?  Guess again! With power sags, brown outs, complete losses of power from milliseconds to hours, your electronic equipment is living in a war zone!

Thunderstorms are back. Did you check your old moldy power strip? Got a flickering light on it? Its probably time to replace them! Most older power strips that were less than 40$ will only survive one or two lighting strikes before they are no longer effective. A direct strike to just outside your house, and its most likely toast. Consider replacing those old strips, or risk replacing more expensive equipment.

Remember, if you buy some new electronic gadget, and want it to last, get yourself a surge suppressor at a minimum. And ensure it has written guarantee’s on the package that offer more protection.. The more expensive the surge suppressor, with 10K in protection, and the heavier, the more likely it will survive multiple lighting strikes.  Most UPS (uninterrupted power supplies) have this feature built in as well.

The best UPS’s continually are charged, and power your equipment, instead of only switching on when their is a power bump, sag, brown out etc.

Creating Synthetic Life

Dr J. Craig Venture and his team have created synthetic life.  No longer science fiction, but science fact.  I congratulate the Dr and his team on this momentous achievement.

To be more precise in his language, he created a Gene, an entire one, modified it to make the bacteria blue, implanted this gene into a bacteria cell, and the cell began to multiply.  Essentially replacing the OS of the Gene with a new one.

In his interview with Paula Zahn, which was done in excitement, and thus probably could have been done better. Dr J Craig Venture assured us that bacteria do not adapt fast enough to their circumstance, that they ensure the bacteria cannot exist outside the petri dish.

Hello, Super bugs!  I am of the mind that he is dead wrong on this.

Introduce Missy Scientist, who sneezes on the petri dish.  Ah well, not a wet one today, so she allows it to incubate anyway, being just slightly lazy today.  Bacteria absorb other organisms, and at times take on some of the new traits of the thing they ate. This also begs the question, humans are large bacteria factories, so thus not really requiring a sneeze for some badies to get on the petri dish.

In reading the Wikipedia article, they suggest it is mutation, and also in laboratories it is possible to introduce new DNA (the sneeze).  Unlike other people I don’t find this horrifying, but the question was not answered who is responsible?  My question is Who is responsible enough to ensure mutations are destroyed, and not relying upon environmental factors to ensure death?

Dr Craig indicated that the bacteria they formed synthetically requires the petri dish and would die should it leave that environment.

Life finds a way,  it only takes one.  So relying on lack of petri dish to ensure death is not sufficient in my thinking.  I would hope laboratory protocols include incineration, to ensure those things created will stay dead.

Your thoughts??…

- eSpecialized