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bCandied and SudokuGeek updates

Unfortunately, its been difficult to work on updates right after my surgery. I am in high hopes that this may fix my sinus issues.

Besides all those things.. I believe that the bCandied update is ready at last to go out. I had to re-port half the updates to ensure no bugs appeared. I got the most important ones done for now.

SudokuGeek -> making it harder. Now this may be a challenge. I think I have a way figured out of inserting xwings, triplets, twins, into the puzzles to make a “Very Difficult” category.

Getting back to the Robot >> wow when I cracked open the code to work on it, I found I was a bit muddy minded to work on it. I have a new AVR32 bit controller, and a Venus GPS module. I will build the RC Rover into my Traxxas Summit. Now that should be an excellent robot rover! All terrain, way point capable. I’ll be writing it entirely in C if any one asks. Assembler resources for the AVR32 MCU’s is limited.