Swift 4 UnsafeMutablePointer ObjCBool parameter, how do you use it in a closure?

When enumerating the attributed string, there is a UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool> parameter, and maybe you like me want to change it from false to true to stop something enumerating.

The syntax appears as follows;
{ (attributeDict:  [NSAttributedStringKey: Any], theRange: NSRange, stop: UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool>) in

enumerateAttributes(in:……)… has a closure that has a ‘stop’ element. You might first think “I need to use the inout” but soon Xcode will flag this RED.

{ (attributeDict, theRange, stop) in
{ (attributeDict, theRange, _) in. // << many people skipped the last parameter by ignoring it



The quick info you need;

You simple access the ‘stop’ elements first element [0] and set it to ‘true’ to exit the closure/block of code.


Here is the whole gist of the situation.

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