Portfolio of Apps

My name is Bill Thompson, and this is just some of the apps I have made and have worked on in a team.

These are the Apps I have worked on, and are available since iOS 11 updates.

>> QuakeCheck <<

An app I created for fetching USGS info and presenting it on screen, allowing filtering of locations and showing them on a map.

>> Zanagramit Lite <<
>> Zanagramit <<

Showing Anagram building given a set of letters or word.  In the project I have binary-tree, and array word search building from the anagram or word the user provides.  I shows the score for Words with Friends and Scrabble.

All of this software I built. Many of these need updates since iOS 11 was released;

  • bCandied – update in progress
  • SudokuGeek – update in progress
  • Easy Peasy Solitaire – update in progress
  • Easy Peasy Spider – update in progress
  • Ole Time Bingo


Team effort apps;



Open source;

I’m just getting started in open source apps.


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